Jewelry Size Guide

To help selecting your favorite pieces from Chloe + Isabel, I thought I’d share this earring and necklace size guide. Shopping for pieces online can be hard to conceptualize size. This amazing guide from Chloe + Isabel’s NYC Design Studio, makes shopping online easy.





My First Love-SPF


I have been in love with sunscreen since I was in middle school. Growing up I had severe acne that warranted Accutane and topical Retin-A. With those medications you HAVE to use a lot of SPF because your skin is so thin from the meds it will literally melt off in the sun-I have seen it happen, it is like a 3rd degree burn on your face. (Insert gagging, grossed out face.) On top of the acne, my skin tone is glow in the dark white. If I don’t spray tan myself, I literally look like a white orb in photos which is cool for Halloween, but not during the rest of the year. Being uber pale also makes me extremely sensitive to the sun. No joke, I have gotten sunburned inside my car before.

For all above reasons and my extreme fear of wrinkles, I wear SPF every day. It also helped my mom was a SPF evangelist too. When I would complain about being so white, she would say you’ll be happy when you are older because you won’t look old. Which being 31 now is starting to pay off. It is nice to get carded for looking like you are under 21 or have people say you look like you are 18!

Besides Rhytiphobia, fear of getting wrinkles, I have had several friends and my Aunt get melanoma. My Aunt had it really bad and had to have a huge piece cut out of her arm. Several of my sunless clients have had melanoma as well to. It is heart breaking to spray a client in her 20s with a big scar on her body from melanoma surgery. Melanoma is on the rise and is one of the top cancers for 20-35 year olds. Scary right!

If you still aren’t convienced that SPF is your BFF, watch the video below. It is a visual representation of why you and SPF should be besties.

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The Latisse Look for Less

This post begins around this time last year. I could barely walk and every system in my body was shutting down, I wouldn’t know I had Lupus and Fibromyalgia until I would go to Mayo in October of 2013. As part of this shutting down process, I lost 50% of my hair. Every where I went, chunks would fall out. I would leave hair all over every doctor’s office and showering was like the hair-loss scene in The Craft.Β  #depressing My derm was feeling so bad for me that he gave me a full-sized latisse kit as a pick me up.

In August of last year, I began using Latisse and it does what it says. However, it is really expensive and I had to stop using it because I had to pay for my doctor appointments which are 2-4 times per week.( In addition to being a beauty mompreneur, I’m also a professional patient. πŸ˜‰ ) I started to miss my Latisse lashes and I occasionally put the little bit I have left of the last bottle on when I’m having a bad day.

However, my luck changed when one of my sunless clients gave me a sample of the Younique 3D Lashes. I’m super picky about mascara because of all that I use it for and it is the one product that I will wear everyday no matter what. Also, with Lupus and Fibromyalgia, I have become much more sensitive to products. Put that all together and add 100+ degrees of a Texas summer and most products fall flat. I have had to change out a good portion of my kit because products that worked in Chicago, get burnt alive in the Texas sun. #makeupartistproblems

I have been using the Younique 3D Lashes for over a week now and it is really impressive product. The packaging is luxe and the method of application is easy as well. It takes a couple of tries to figure out what works best for your lash shape, but once you figure it out you are ready to get Latisse Lashes in less than 2 minutes and for only $29. Here is my before and after. I took it on my iPhone so I’m sorry it isn’t HD quality.


Wow right! I really loved this product, the only negatives IΒ  have are that it isn’t waterproof, necessary for shooting, and I’m still trying to figure out how to be able to apply it with disposable mascara wands so I can use it on clients. #makeupartistproblemsΒ 

However, for everyday it is perfect. The more you improve your technique, you can take it from the Latisse look to more of a lash extension look, saving yourself even more dinero.

Here are a couple of tips I have come up with thus far.

-Skip the mascara base coat and just use the 3D Lash products.

-Do one eye at a time. The product dries fast. Doing one eye at a time prevents clumps.

-Use a MAC 205 Mascara Fan Brush to help separate lashes and remove clumps.

-Tap the fiber lash wand to loosen any big clumps of fibers before applying. In the beginning, there is more of a fiber build up on the wand, but after using the product more it evens out.

If you want to try the Younique 3D Lashes please go to my client’s site

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