Semi-Precious Candi- Amazonite

A semi-opaque stone that was used extensively by the Egyptians it is called the stone of courage and is said to have received its name for the Amazon women warriors who worshiped the moon goddess Diana. Some say it’s name was given due to the fact that it was discovered near the Amazon River. Amazonite stone has been in use for thousands of years… and the way the Egyptians used it makes us aware of its importance in ancient times. An example of this us, is that part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead was engraved on Amazonite. From the Bible… it is believed and highly likely that this was the third stone in the breastplate of Moses. Jewelry made from this stone was found in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh, King Tutankamen. It was a prominent stone for making amulets in ancient times… and the Assyrians connected it with their God Belus.

The deeper the color of the amazonite, the more intense the effect is said to be. Amazonite is said to help alleviate stress and exhaustion. A mint green to aqua green stone of truth, honor, communication, integrity and trust. It can also heal emotional disturbances and the after effects of emotional trauma. It balances the male/female energies, helps you receive inspiration from the heart and then motivates you to take action on the inspired thoughts. It has been called the ‘hope stone’ as it inspires speaking with confidence and self assurance and produces hope in the success of the process.This is a natural crystal that is highly beneficial for the emotional body. It is potent for balancing the male and female energies… and assists you to constantly retain a feeling of being balanced.

While it is powerful to help to relieve stress, at the same time it is highly energizing. It will also aid you to release the stress associated with these previous experiences. Keep one of these blue-green stones on your body if you have been feeling fearful after confrontations, or at times of conflict relating to issues from the past… or even issues from the present.


It is a wonderful stone to place over a door to bring in new business. This bluish-green stone is worn by gamblers to attract money luck. It is also used by anyone taking a chance to ensure success. It is said to have been on of the stones used in the breastplate of the high priest. Alternatively you may simply keep it on your body, by putting a piece of the stone in your pocket. This is a stone of manifestation… and is powerful when combined both with the power of truth and the energy of the spoken word. Holding this stone in your hand while doing affirmations may aid their manifestation… as it brings extra energy to the power of positive affirmations.


Amazonite is a soothing stone.  It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health.  Balances the masculine and feminine energies.  Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.  It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.  Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system.  Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love.  It protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves. Amazonite is often used in foretelling techniques such as tarot and rune readings and stimulates the powers of clairvoyance. Worn as an amulet it is said to protect against snake bites and a wide range of diseases. In Egypt it was considered a holy stone.

This blue-green crystal is an extremely soothing and calming stone.

Amazonite works through the heart chakra, the thymus chakra and the throat chakra… and will enhance loving communication as well clearing blockages in the nervous system. It assists you to heal and restore any problem areas within the etheric body… and will breathe new life into your physical body. It is also a powerful stone to assist you with light-body work. Amazonite is a Barrier Filter crystal that blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations, and protects against electromagnetic pollution. This is one of the more effective healing stones to aid with electromagnetic negativity, given off by cell phones or microwaves. Attach a tiny Amazonite Stone to your phone and place a good sized one next to your computers, and your microwave to absorb undesirable energy. It has a strong healing ability, and will rehabilitate the nervous system and heal muscle tissue within the brain.

By using the energy of Amazonite Stone… you will be supported to speak your highest truth. It is often difficult for many of you to do this. At times we are all put into a situation where we need to speak of delicate matters that are emotionally difficult to speak truthfully about. Amazonite will aid you to communicate harmoniously and truthfully, and to let your true feelings and thoughts from a higher perspective… shine through. Amazonite Stone is a strong stone for communicating… and is particularly helpful if you sometimes find it difficult to tell the truth. It has active metaphysical properties and a strong vibration that works powerfully through both the throat chakra and the higher heart or thymus chakra. This will energize the words you speak with the power of truth.

PHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES OF AMAZONITE: Amazonite has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and chakra balancing. Amazonite crystal therapies are primarily associated with filtering out stresses, healing traumas, and soothing energies in the home and workplace. Its spiritual power is personal truth and communicating that truth to others. Amazonite is known for maintaining good health in general. It aids in cell regeneration and healing after illnesses, trauma or injury, and relieves muscle spasms. It may be used in treating disorders of the nervous system and blockages in the flow of neural impulses, as well as issues with the throat and thyroid gland. Amazonite is helpful in balancing the metabolic processes related to calcium assimilation. An elixir of Amazonite taken three times a day is believed to rectify a calcium deficiency, and may be useful in resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis, and for diminishing calcium deposits. Rubbing an affected area with a polished Amazonite is thought to prevent infection, soothe rashes and heal blisters. It is also beneficial in clearing up acne, and may relieve the pain of rheumatism, gout and osteoarthritis.

EMOTIONAL HEALING PROPERTIES OF AMAZONITE: Amazonite is a wonderful healer for the emotional body. It soothes trauma and calms the mind, alleviates worry and fear, and directs anger and irritability into a more positive action. It regulates the aggressive aspects of one’s personality and urges the mind to seek emotional balance. Amazonite increases self-esteem, especially in women, and reduces tendencies to self-neglect. It enhances the ability to communicate more effectively by identifying how one’s words have created the current reality, and how to change one’s vocabulary to reflect a higher, more aligned reality. It also empowers one to set appropriate boundaries, inwardly in self-discipline, and with others in establishing healthy relationships.

Amazonite is deeply stimulating to both the Heart and Throat Chakras. The Heart Chakra, located near the center of the breastbone, regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist. It gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment. When the Heart Chakra is out of balance we may feel either controlling or controlled in a relationship, and become critical of the little foibles of others. We may find ourselves having inappropriately strong emotional responses to everyday external stimuli. Green crystal energy is used to resolve blockages and to re-balance the Heart Chakra, helping us understand our own needs and emotions clearly.  We can deal with the ebbs and flows of emotional relationships, understand their cyclic nature, and accept the changes.

The Throat Chakra is the voice of the body. It is, in essence, a pressure valve that allows energy from the other chakras to be expressed. If it is blocked, or out of balance, it can affect the health of the other chakras. When the Throat Chakra is in balance and open, it allows for the expression of what we think and what we feel. We can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing our personal truth out into the world. We have an easy flow of energy within the body and spirit. The energy that springs upward from the lower chakras can continue its path enabling free expression and natural release. Blue crystal energy will unblock and balance the Throat Chakra. Darker shades of blue encourage the power of truth, while lighter shades carry the power of flexibility, relaxation, and balance.


Content from Crystal Healing Power for Women

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I get asked a lot of questions about fillers and what I think would be good for a client. There are more and more fillers coming out as non-invasive surgery gains in popularity.  When done right, these products can slow the aging process and prevent more invasive procedures down the road.  However, great skin doesn’t come out of a needled. You need to put the right fuel in your body, hydrate, wear SPF, and get a skincare routine that works for your needs.  We only get 1 face so we have to take care of it.

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