My First Love-SPF


I have been in love with sunscreen since I was in middle school. Growing up I had severe acne that warranted Accutane and topical Retin-A. With those medications you HAVE to use a lot of SPF because your skin is so thin from the meds it will literally melt off in the sun-I have seen it happen, it is like a 3rd degree burn on your face. (Insert gagging, grossed out face.) On top of the acne, my skin tone is glow in the dark white. If I don’t spray tan myself, I literally look like a white orb in photos which is cool for Halloween, but not during the rest of the year. Being uber pale also makes me extremely sensitive to the sun. No joke, I have gotten sunburned inside my car before.

For all above reasons and my extreme fear of wrinkles, I wear SPF every day. It also helped my mom was a SPF evangelist too. When I would complain about being so white, she would say you’ll be happy when you are older because you won’t look old. Which being 31 now is starting to pay off. It is nice to get carded for looking like you are under 21 or have people say you look like you are 18!

Besides Rhytiphobia, fear of getting wrinkles, I have had several friends and my Aunt get melanoma. My Aunt had it really bad and had to have a huge piece cut out of her arm. Several of my sunless clients have had melanoma as well to. It is heart breaking to spray a client in her 20s with a big scar on her body from melanoma surgery. Melanoma is on the rise and is one of the top cancers for 20-35 year olds. Scary right!

If you still aren’t convienced that SPF is your BFF, watch the video below. It is a visual representation of why you and SPF should be besties.

Besos y Abrazos