Sunless FAQ

What do I wear?

  • For sanitary purposes, all clients must wear bottoms- swim suit, trunks, boxer briefs, thong, etc. We also have disposables available for clients as well. Minors must wear tops and bottoms.

How long does the tan last?

  • Usually 5-7 days, sometimes 10. Following the pre session and post session instructions are the most important things to get and keep a beautiful tan.

What if I want to be tan for a day?

  • We offer a bronzing service. The bronzer is the same color as our Dark formula.

How long do I have to wait to shower?

  • To get the best possible tan possible, we recommend waiting 24 hours to have your first warm water rinse. You may warm water rinse, 4-8 hours after you tan, but it could affect how deep the tan will get. If you need to warm water rinse within 3 hours of your session we recommend either ONE or Venetian ONE formulas. They are engineered to keep developing after the warm water rinse.

What should I wear to my appointment?

  • Loose fitting dark clothing. Anything tight will cause the tan to rub off and you will end up with lines. Tight=tan lines.

I’m 16, can I get a sprayed?

  • We are happy to tan minors. All we ask is that girls wear tops and bottoms, boys trunks, etc. and that a parent accompany’s them to their appointment. Preferably, be in the treatment room at the same time. We do this for everyone’s safety.

Why should I use the Norvell care products?

  • All of Norvell’s products are engineered to work together. Sunless tanning is a chemical reaction, if you don’t have the specific ingredients to cause that reaction you can get bad results. Norvell’s products also are pH balanced. It is important for your skin to have a neutral pH. DHA, Dihydroxyacetone,  the compound in sunless tanner that makes you tan, reacts with the acid mantel, very fine, slightly acidic film your sebaceous glands excrete. Since you skin has an acidic pH from the acid mantel, it is important to neutralize the skin so the solution processes correctly.

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