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How to make money from home

Married to a cubicle and shackled to endless hours? No thanks. Being an Ambassador is one of the best work from home jobs out there because you’ll have the freedom to make an income doing what you love, on your own terms. We make it easy for you to turn community and online connections into clients with your very own personal website and social media tools. If you can find a few hours a week to get out and share the style, that’s all it takes to do this part-time work from home. We know you’re busy, so Stella & Dot was created with your schedule in mind. Nearly 80% of our Ambassadors run their at-home business in addition to a full- or part-time job. With no quotas to meet, your schedule is up to you.
Do you know four people who would love hundreds in free clothing and accessories? Then you’ve already started brainstorming your lucky debut hostesses. The rewards are all covered by Stella & Dot so your profits stay in your pocket. At your first events, you’ll meet more people who want to host their own. Now you’re growing—and that’s a legit work from home job! You’ll decide if you want to hold one event a week, once a month, or sit a season out while you focus on other priorities. The pace is completely up to you.